Survival Rations USA are a product of Strongrr™ by Strongrr, Inc.  This emergency food source is designed to provide all the daily essential vitamins and minerals needed. The 180 tablets for each bottle can last up to 15 days (using our servings suggestions) or be stored for up to ten years unopened (in a cool dry place 50-60F). Survival Rations USA were originally developed for the United States space program, and since then they have gone on to be used in a variety of survival situations. These food rations can be a lifesaving resource in times of uncertainty. We have developed Survival Rations USA to be a necessary wilderness survival supply. When going camping, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, or exploring your best choice for emergency food preparation is Survival Rations USA.

When an immediate need for nutrition must be met, and resources are low, you can count on Survival Rations USA to help you face the challenge. USDA and FDA approved ingredients.


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