Who knew?

I have to admit I’m a bit amazed that I could use these tablets to keep my body sustained throughout the day when I couldn’t eat a full meal. I used more than the suggested serving size to get a bit more energy from them. Never expected to go through my daily routine without a full meal, but really amazed that I did.

Kevin – California

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Family Trip

My family goes camping regularly, but on our last trip we ran out of food before our last day. The kids were pretty upset that we had to leave early. Recently I found Survival Rations USA on the web and thought that could have helped us on our last outing. I ordered a couple bottles and put it in with the rest of our food supply, which didn’t take up much space. This time we didn’t come close to running out of food as we snacked on the tablets in-between meals. I am defiantly making these a must have for all our future camping trips. Thanks.

Greg – Colorado

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Everything as Stated

I gave Survival Rations USA a try and I’m a happy customer. The rations are everything they described, and even taste better than I expected. I only ended up using them for the weekend on a bike ride, but it was really convenient having something I could carry for food without being messy or bulky.

Jim S. – San Francisco

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